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We start by defining what help you need. One size does not fit all. Here we outline services for various situations and needs. This text is focused on buy-side but naturally similar services are available in case you are selling.

Our approach is to focus on the highest quality of service and value for money for customers.

Premium M&A Service is when you need help throughout the project. It can start at market and target company identification. Then follow the typical steps of an M&A project.

Premium M&A continues even after that. You may need help in integration at various levels such as personnel, accounting and reporting or improving cross cultural understanding.

In case the there is already a target in sight and you need an efficient execution of the M&A support then this model is suitable. We can offer the traditional services in the fields of financial matters, legal and negotiation support and even project management should you run short on management time.

Should you need support on only one or few steps or roles in M&A we can agree on just that.

Below some more specific examples of services that are provided. In case of very specific needs for example in very specific legal matters or deep tax advisory we can use experts in our network,
Just the right Service
Just for your Deal
Premium M&A Service

Focuzd Oy responsible for the success of the transaction and the timely execution from the very beginning to the successful post-deal phase. The acquirerer and also the target can focus on business as much as possible as Focuzd Oy works on even the smallest details and manages the project. The fastest and the easiest way for the parties to maximize the success of the deal.

M&A Project Service

If you want to be responsible, for example, for the process and already have for example legal resources then M&A Project Service is enough for you. Naturally you will get the necessary expertise, but the progress and speed of the sale is your responsibility and also depends a lot on the time you spend.

Support for responding to an offer to acquire

In this scenario the seller is actively in the market and being offered to multiple potential companies. The one that proceeds the fastest to indicative bid often wins exclusivity. In case you are short on time and/or resources we can help you with contacting, analysing and deciding if and how to proceed.

Market analysis

Should you need to develop an understanding on the market and the players we can help with that. A result may also be a list of potential target companies

Target contacting and analysis

We can contact targets in local language which may be necessary in some industries. Contacts can be made anonymously if you so choose. We can do a quick financial and operational analysis of the targets.


Depending on the industry the financial information often is only in Finnish. Should you wish to look into real (adjusted) financial performance this requires looking into the financial material on detailed level. This way you will find all matters in need for attention and potential adjustment already prior to making an indicative bid. This also saves time and effort at the Due Diligence phase and leaves less need to revisit the valuation at the later stages. 

Due Diligence

Should you need to execute Due Diligence following your company process in Finnish we can help. Naturally we also can run a Due Diligence using our processes.

Negotiation and contracts

Should you need to negotiate your company standard Sale and Purchase Agreement Finnish we can help. Naturally we also negotiate an SPA based on the need using our agreement templates. Same goes for other related agreements such as, for example, Managing Director agreement.

Tax Advisory

The buyer and especially the seller may need to understand the tax implications and alternatives in order to be able to proceed with the transaction. We can analyse and communicate these as part of the process so misunderstandings do not cause unpleasant surprises or lack of knowledge does not stop the deal or “let it cool down”. In some situations it is also necessary to apply for a binding pre-deal ruling from the tax authorities.

Cultural support

This may not be a service as such. But is helps in all the other services should the other party be less international at nature.
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